Monday, July 18, 2016

A new fish hat pattern for Phish fans

The famous fish hat knitting pattern has been rewritten by J.G. Miller and just posted as a free pattern download, July 2016. The original, an immediate success with Phish fans and avid fishermen alike, has some new techniques and a livelier finished look than the first dead fish hat pattern.

Miller has turned the tail around and used short rows for a vertical finish with fins that stand out, just like a swimming fish. Fans of the Burlington, Vermont-based music group, Phish, went crazy over the first "alive or dead fish hat" and I am sure they will be very pleased to know the fish hat pattern is this time "alive and well."

The fish hat pattern comes in two sizes, one for kids who love to fish and one for adults! Picture it in orange for all those wee Nemo fans!

The free patterns are knit with worsted yarn, using a US 7 (4.5mm) needle, circular or dpn's, for an in the round, seamless finished hat.

There are some other changes Miller has made to the original, but you can download the free patterns here.
child size fish hat 

Adult fish hat pattern

Child fish hat pattern

You'll find a fish scarf, a fish beanie, a crochet fish hat pattern and more at this link. And for all you Phish fans, here's the Phish Summer Tour 2016 through September 4.

Photos from Ravelry and belong to JG Miller.


  1. Is this available as a crochet pattern?

    1. Yes, follow the link at the end of this blog post


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