Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New knit baby sweater and bonnet patterns

Finally, off the needles and onto paper, my vintage-style baby sweater and knit bonnet patterns, sold separately on Etsy and Ravelry as the "Fancy Lace Baby Sweater pattern." Knit with DK yarn, the sweater is a traditional generously-sized baby sacque or jacket with a little lace and picot edging, pattern is written for two sizes: 6-9 months, and 12 months. The original design will suit nicely for baby layette, christening day, or special celebration.  The pdf's have lots of photos and detailed instructions and are sent to your paypal email address or other email that you specify. Happy knitting! Find the links for purchasing here with the rest of knitnscribble's patterns.

copyright 2012 Sharon Watterson

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vintage style baby bonnet and sweater set in organic cotton

copyright Sharon Watterson

Here's a sneak peek at a new baby sweater pattern I am finally writing down. Have always loved the traditional vintage patterns and like babies to look like babies, especially little girls' christening bonnets! For years, have just picked up the knitting needles and not written anything down for the finished project. It's a pain and time-consuming process, but once on paper can be kept in perpetuity. Lesson learned the hard way. If you are like me and enjoy knitting your own designs, write it down as you go. Saves many hours later.

copyright Sharon Watterson

It's a vintage-style baby cardigan pattern that matches the Fancy Lace Baby Bonnet pattern, finally prepared this winter as well. As a set, it is the perfect baby jacket and christening cap or hat for girls.   The yarn is Rowan Purelife cotton.

You can purchase the baby sweater pattern and bonnet pattern separately or as a set.

See all knitnscribble patterns here: free patterns and those that are for sale. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

London Olympics yarnbombing 2012

picture by Richard Rayner/North News & Pictures
The Olympic yarnbombing on the Saltburn Pier in North Yorkshire, England this week is not only whimsical and celebratory of the London Olympics, but it also exhibits the goodwill that is indigenous to knitting and crochet artists. The knitted "scarf," as noted by British media, stretches fifty meters long, that's over 53 yards of detailed knitting of amigurumi Olympic athletes in motion and a true work of knitted graffiti art. Bravo! Yarnstorming in England.
Read "Winning patterns for 2012 Olympics" to get close up view of all the many characters in this incredible yarnbombing and learn where to find the athlete patterns for current and favorite Olympian athletes.

And the latest London Olympics 2012 controversy, involving knitters and crocheters, you won't believe!

courtesy Sharon Watterson, copyright Knitnscribble 2010

Monday, March 5, 2012

Knit a uterus for Congress

Yesterday, knitnscribble was casually browsing Twitter, when a women's rights-concerned knitter spawned a great idea to protest the Republican Congress' continuous attempt at controlling women's bodies and their healthcare. With the Blunt Amendment, the all-male women's health panel, the push to defund Planned Parenthood, and then Rush Limbaugh's denigration of Sandra Fluke, it became apparent, man's deliberate control over women was mushrooming! Why not knit or crochet a woman's womb, vagina, or uterus and send it to your abject Congressmen, with a note "Get your prehistoric laws out of my V-JJ! Better yet, here’s one of your own!” She immediately received the vital support from several well-known members of the knitting community, even men! Crochet patterns and free knitting patterns were found for multiple women's body parts.
(c) M.K. Carroll, used with permission

For the whole story and information regarding free patterns for a woman's womb, uterus, and vagina and the newly formed Ravelry group, read more.

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