Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sports team logo charts knit and crochet hats, mittens, and a scarf

Football and hockey, baseball, too. Popular NHL, NFL, and MLB team logo charts for creating knitting and crochet hat patterns, mittens, afghans, a warm scarf to wear at hockey and football games, for personal use only, or to give as holiday gifts. Click on the team logo of your choice and download the chart to use in a free hat pattern.
A newer post on knitting sports team hats by knitnscribble is here. Your team not included in this list? Read the article linked below.

New England Patriots
Boston Bruins
Chicago Bears
Boston Red Sox 
Green Bay Packers
New York Yankees
NY Giants
Buffalo Bills
NJ Devils
NY Rangers
Philadelphia Flyers
Tampa Bay Rays

For more information on how to create team logo charts and how to apply the chart to your knitting or crochet pattern read about how to make team logo charts and for links to free hat patterns.


  1. I had purchased a booklet of NFL knitted hat/scarves patterns, once through Mary Maxin and then again at AC MOOREs. I have lost these over the year and now I need the booklets. Any idea where I can find them again?

  2. Holly, I haven't seen any patterns for specific teams. My best guess is those books were probably removed due to trademark issues. Think using your own design, i.e. with the schematics above is permitted, of course, for personal use.

  3. You may well get some ideas from this post

  4. Do you by any chance have a pattern for Tampa Bay Rays "TB" logo?

  5. I am adding Tampa Bay it to the original post and reconfiguring the rest. Docstoc hosting site is no longer. But these new links will enable downloads again. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. All the best.


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