Thursday, December 29, 2011

Easy Sweet Caroline baby blanket pattern

So precious, and easy to knit is Sweet Caroline, a scalloped design free knitting pattern baby blanket. Knitted with two strands throughout on US size 15 circular needle (10 mm), only 6 rows of pattern, this freebie is offered by Plymouth Yarn Company and a quick knit up in several pastel colors of soft cotton yarn, or choose a solid colorway.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Susies Reading Mitts found among the missing

"Three little kittens have lost their mittens.." is the song some knitters are singing on Ravelry. A popular fingerless mitts, wrist warmers pattern: Susies Reading Mitts has been archived as a free pattern. With over 5,000 projects for the fingerless mittens already, the lost pattern seems to have caused quite a clatter among knitters.

One resourceful knitter has found Susie's fingerless gloves at this link, which is still live.

These Susie's Reading Mitts at the left are by AliceKathryn.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Famous mitten patterns in the limelight

As practical as they are stylish, fingerless mittens and wrist-warmers, have been in the limelight for a few years now. Here are some of knitnscribble's favorite mitten patterns, full-on and fingerless, free patterns, like Bella's mittens from the Twilight saga, owl mittens, and one at a teeny tiny price.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not so ordinary knit and crochet holiday gifts

'Tis the season for Christmas crafts, knitting and crocheting holiday gifts for those special people on your list. A scarf, mittens, and hats are always welcomed, but here are a few ideas you may have not thought of.

Many of these smaller knitted ideas can be knit or crocheted with yarn bits and pieces and used for Christmas party hostess gifts, too. A Christmas crafts free pattern for every day until Santa comes.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big knit and crochet ponchos are back

The comeback of this season has to be ponchos and capelets, which six years ago were also a hit. Classic style, this time, the design adds a turtleneck for warmth and practicality. Often worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, turtleneck ponchos to fit any age or size person on the planet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dogs and cats on your needles

Amusing and loyal, just as man's best friend in real life, dog and cat patterns for oodles of different pedigrees of little stuffed animals. Amigurumi knitting patterns that appear so life-like, meows and yaps are expected to commence any second. Two creative UK designers have also remembered dog coat patterns and jackets, too, and not just for dogs!.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chunky cowls, big scarf patterns with pictures

Interesting, ever popular, and yes, oh, so practical neckwarmers make great holiday gifts. Big scarf patterns for big needles. Knit or crochet some of these free patterns for a big chunky cowl infinity scarf in no time. Cowl patterns for lasting coziness....

Friday, October 21, 2011

New pattern for Kate's shawl is a beauty

A newer version of Princess Kate's ruffle shawl is roaming free on Ravelry and it is a beauty. Knit and designed by Vera Sanon, who also writes an interesting story of her knitting experience. Vera immigrated to the United States after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. German by birth, she learned to knit at age six from a master teacher, her great grandmother, then moved to England as a teenager where she absorbed British knitting. Now living in Los Angeles and designing for Cascade Yarns, Vera has recently posted Princess Ruffles Shawl. She has many beautiful knitting designs, this delightful new shawl is a free pattern. Read on...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

No surprise that EZ's BSJ has a twin

It comes as no surprise that an industrious knitter has written a pattern that mimics Elizabeth Zimmermann's popular Baby Surprise Jacket baby sweater in garter stitch. This little knitting pattern is probably one of the most popular all time knitting patterns. Knit sideways, the free pattern for BSJ look-alike is available in sizes 1/3 - 6/9 - 12/18 months (2 - 3/4 - 5/6) years. Link below.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stay-on Fair Isle baby booties

These baby booties or baby socks are just the cutest free pattern from Classic Elite by Edith Murphy. Knit on a size US 6 (4.25 mm) needle, the pattern is a sweet find and a free download. Gauge is 22 sts = 1 inch, so they'll be finished in no time at all. The booties require 50 g of DK yarn and bits and pieces of stash yarn for the three other colors. So cute and useful for baby gifts. One size = 4 inches or 6 months.

Friday, September 30, 2011

How buying handmade grows the economy and greens the earth

Hat Harvest at Wattery Totteries
For months now, knitnscribble has been knitting furiously, preparing for an arts and craft fair at a local Newport church this month. As the stack of handmade hats, cowls, and scarves grows, I often wonder how many people realize why buying handmade knits and woolens is important to our environment and fledgling economy.

There are countless reasons why handmade is a much better purchase than foreign mass-produced products.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sports team logo charts knit and crochet hats, mittens, and a scarf

Football and hockey, baseball, too. Popular NHL, NFL, and MLB team logo charts for creating knitting and crochet hat patterns, mittens, afghans, a warm scarf to wear at hockey and football games, for personal use only, or to give as holiday gifts. Click on the team logo of your choice and download the chart to use in a free hat pattern.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Halloween costume hats

Halloween costume accessories like hats and masks can be knit or crocheted to complete an amusing or scarey persona for Halloween parties and trick or treating. Recently, knitnscribble came across some original Halloween costume ideas, some free patterns for Halloween crafts, others at minimal cost, knitting and crochet projects that will give your costume the perfect finished look.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby hats, plain and simple patterns

Now's the time to start knitting those easy baby hats and beanies for holiday gifting or the occasional new baby shower. Knitnscribble keeps a stash for single son whose friends become new parents. These free knit baby hat patterns are plain and simple, elegant little hats, easy for beginning crafters, and great for charity donations, too. Free knitting patterns for baby hats

Friday, July 22, 2011

Earflap hat patterns solid color, stranded, or amusing

Hats with ear flaps are not just fashionable, the earflaps keep you warm and are very practical knit in a solid color, a Fair Isle (stranded) pattern or as an amusing animal hat. Earflap hat patterns are easy knitting projects for any time of year, so get ahead of the winter rush now. A free knitting pattern by Kirsten Kapur, designer of some extraordinary shawls, is available as a free pdf download and print out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sideways cardigan patterns are fun and easy

Knitting side to side cardigans can be fun and allow for easy striping patterns in a finished sweater. Or crochet or knit the cardi sideways in a single main color yarn. Find adult and children's free pattern links below for side to side crocheting and knitting.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free fish patterns to knit and crochet

More Live Phish to knit and crochet, new adult and children's fish hat patterns, a new fish scarf, half a fish hat, and a pullover pattern with stranded colorwork yoke for babies to size six with fish everywhere.

You'll find a very 'fishy' knitting jumper pattern at Petite Purls knitting and crochet children's website. A brilliant pullover knitting pattern for all kids who love the water and everything that swims within. It's called "Beach Baby" by Christine H.Wilkins, sizes 0-6 years with the link below for the free fish pullover knitting pattern.

Knitted on a US size 6 (4.5mm) circular needle with fish all around the yoke, it's the perfect match for the "free Phish hat" pattern, which can be knitted or a crochet fish hat pattern as well. There's even a 'scarfish' fish scarf pattern now, a free download and print out pattern.

A crochet fish hat pattern by Jessica Flowers, too.

The sweater and hat set will be the favorite of little girls and boys who love the beach and the water world of worms, bugs, and deep sea creatures. These fishy hat patterns can be knit and/or crocheted in cotton for the spring and summer, or soft wool for cooler Vermont-like climes.
Beach Baby Stranded Colorwork fish sweater pattern for boys or girls.

The 'scarfish' fish scarf knitting pattern and 'half a fish' hat knitting pattern are both new free patterns. Original 'deadfish' fish hat patterns are available in English, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easy beginner sock knitting pattern - I love these socks!

There's no question of which sock belongs on left and right feet with this easy sock pattern. Knit with DK sock yarn, a knitting project perfect for beginner sock knitting, so much fun and a great summer project. One four stitch cable runs down opposite sides of the socks, a simple free sock pattern named just that "So Simple Silk Garden Sport Sock."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Knitting socks for Alice

How can one's passion for intrigue woven with words have semblance to a knitter's passion to create?
Profile of an exciting fanciful enchanting sock pattern book, knitting socks filled with origins rooted in legend, myth, and fairy tales.

"Legendary sock patterns for adventurous knitters."
The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidman

Saturday, July 2, 2011

An easy free sock pattern on larger needles

Socks are a great summertime knitting project, small and quite portable, a sock pattern will keep you knitting at the beach, on a road trip, watching a movie, or commuting on a plane, train, or bus. If you are a beginner sock knitter, a perfect easy adult sock knitting pattern in small, medium, and large sizes for larger needles and DK yarn is the So Simple Silk Garden Sport by Glenna C. free sock pattern.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Free top down patterns for all seasons

A favorite design technique of many knitters is top-down, when the knitting cast on stitches are started at the yoke of the sweater and knitted with raglan sleeves. Seaming up is easy, as there is almost none whatsoever. Therein lies the beauty of top down patterns. There are several free choices here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Audrey jewelry to knit, crochet or bead

The chunky bracelets, necklaces, and cuffs, baubles Audrey Hepburn, the beloved film star, made so famous and wore so well in all her movies and stage productions seems to ever play on in the fashion world. Wouldn't Audrey be surprised how her classic style has endured? Jewelry, no matter how you spell it - big bead necklaces, bangles, and cuff bracelets to knit, bead, and crochet quickly for yourself or resale are a great way to accessorize your year round look and/or fatten your wallet. Free jewelry patterns for easy knitting or crochet, using stash yarn are a thrifty way to get started making holiday or birthday gifts you can stow away until you need that special handmade 'ice.'

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knit one cute hat in brioche stitch

This past winter, knitnscribble wrote an article about the fantastic Baby Brioche cardigan knitting pattern by Jen Hurley. Having never knitted with the brioche stitch, was intrigued by the lofty result of the fabric, so decided to try it in an easy short cowl knitting pattern and was pleasantly surprised by the rhythm of the stitch and calming aesthetic while knitting brioche. offers very helpful instruction. The free pattern link below for the Brioche Hood cloche hat pictured here illustrates the stitch definition of this soothing exercise.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easy hat patterns with photos!

Mandy Powers photo used with permission
Lots of free hat patterns links in this post: Newsboy hat pattern, Sesame Street, heart hat, Pokemon, sock monkey, NY Giants, fish hat, Harry Potter hats, Hermione and the gang - all to knit and crochet. But here's a great way to design your own hat pattern, too.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cape patterns for year round wear

Virkuing "Pelerin"
Fall knitting and crochet hottest fashion styles are showing capes, capelets, and ponchos again this year. Knitting and crochet magazine covers and articles are filled with big, bold shoulder wraps, and turtleneck ponchos (ponchos with cowls).

You can bet that celebrities will be donning these practical accessories, sometimes called a "mobius" or cowl soon. Find several free crochet and knit cape and poncho pattern links with pictures posted below.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free cardi pattern all sizes many tongues

You need not be a February baby to knit this "big girl" cardigan February lady sweater. A free top-down knitting pattern, popular, because it's written in a plethora of languages and the size range is extra small to plus size 52 inches and  "lovingly based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s classic 'Baby Sweater on Two Needles,' from Knitter’s Almanac", according to its designer Pamela Wynne,  "a swingy lace cardigan, made to fit a grown-ass woman." (Photo above by Kristi from Fort Collins, CO, fiberfool on Ravelry.)

This knitting project is knit with worsted yarn on US size 8 (5mm) circular needle and is a free download, available in Danish, French, Italian, Icelandic, Mandarin, Swedish, Spanish, and English. Wynne has provided ample knitting help links, should you need assistance with the buttonholes or knitting from the yoke down for the first time.

The pretty red "Lady Sweater" is by fiberitis on Ravelry. Just love the colorway!

                                                                             It's the perfect cardigan for the cool fall days just before that new baby comes along and is shown here by Bridgid of Pasadena, CA.

Find the free pattern download link for personal use only on Ravelry.

Another option is young Scottish knitting phenom, Ysolda Teague's, new book, Little Red in the City, with size range in patterns from 28 in to 60 in. There are literally 15-17 sizes included for each pattern. 

Wow, thank you Ysolda!

Check out Little Red in the City.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Irresistible baby sweaters

Quince and Co., New England yarn and spinning company, has just published two baby sweater knitting patterns that are "TDF." Designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge, the little contemporary feather and fan jumper,  "Camilla Babe", a pullover, is just precious, knit with Q&C "lark" yarn on a size 7 (4.5mm) needle. The size range is generous and includes infant  to toddler, 19 (201⁄2, 231⁄4, 243⁄4).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free baby hat and blanket from KnitCircus Summer

Knitters and crocheters always eagerly anticipate the seasonal changes of their craft. New patterns and yarns are introduced, along with exceptional sources for new projects. KnitCircus is one such magazine where you will find innovative fresh designs and contemporary ideas. This baby hat free pattern and matching blanket will knit the sweetest baby gift at your next shower. The baby blanket pattern is by Katherine Vaughan and knit with two colors in reverse stockinette stitch on size 8 (5mm) circular needles with a gauge of 14 sts = 4 in.. The baby cap can be made up in preemie, newborn, or 3-6 months sizes. The blanket is so cute and lively, knit it up in any color yarn combination to suit.

Have a look at the summer issue of KnitCircus 2011,
You'll find the Hopkins hat and blanket free pattern here.

You might also be interested in these free baby hat patterns and baby blanket patterns to knit or crochet, links at Knitnscribble

Baby hats, plain and simple

Easy baby blankets to knit or crochet

 Another knitting pattern for a quick and easy baby blanket here and a gorgeous free crochet baby blanket pattern here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kate's shopping shawl knitting pattern for real!

Kate's shawl: Princess Catherine, Her Royal Highness Kate's green ruffle shawl made so famous when she wore it shopping at the market. Now available by Wee Sandy.

Find free patterns for crochet and knit ruffle shawls 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beginner spinning

Along with the renaissance of knitting and crochet, the basic art of spinning yarn has made a comeback as well. Many knitters and weavers spin their own fiber to obtain unusual blends of hair and wool that are not available commercially in the everyday yarn shop. Evidence of this time-honored important skill can be seen on handmade vendor sites selling indie hand-dyed and spinners exotic yarns and rovings around the Web and also locally at craft and fiber fairs and festivals. Summer is high season to get first-hand knowledge of hand-spinning at the many wool and fiber festivals scheduled in most every state in America, many in New England.

Like any renewal of an artisan craft, new handspinners are employing new techniques like adding beads and novelty elements, not found in traditional yarns. This method of self-sufficiency is not only very economical, but  also, spinning has been known to be meditative as well.  Basic knowledge is needed for integrating the shorter hair of alpaca and angora rabbit with the longer fibers with mohair, for instance. This technique strengthens the yarn, as does the amount of twist used in the spinning of shorter fibers. You might also enjoy the addictive art of coiling.

Click here for Wool and Fiber Festivals calendar in New England and elsewhere in the United States.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Princess Kate's shawl knitting pattern

Her Royal Highness, Princess Catherine is already making news in the knitting fashion world with "HRH Kate's ruffled shawl" she wore in her recent market shopping trip soon after the royal wedding. Wee Sandy on Ravelry has posted the popular triangle shawl pattern with chevron design and ruffles all around. A ruffle shawl can also be used as a ruffle scarf. Tested and ready to go, please find the link below for Kate's Shopping Shawl.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soakers, sleeper sacks, and owls

Baby diaper covers are back in fashion and are called soakers. Because wool stays warm when it gets wet, breathes, and takes water away from the body, nappy covers are made with pure wool. They are knit or crocheted with two strands, or one thick, bulky weight yarn, naturally for absorbance. This crocheted all night soaker by Julie West is made with two strands of Lion's Brand Fisherman's yarn or any wool yarn with a gauge of approximately 4 cm =15 st. and is available in a range of sizes, newborn to extra large.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy baby blankets to knit or crochet

New babies require their own special soft and cuddly blankets, sometimes lasting long into childhood as comforting, favorite soothers. Easy and welcomed gifts for showers, many can be crocheted or knitted on reasonably sized needles in just a few days. Here are a few free patterns to knit or crochet baby blankets, quick and easy.....there are also some easy baby sweater pattern links for quick baby gifts.

This "Sunny Baby Blanket"  designed by Lucie Sinkler is knit with just 800 yards of any washable weight worsted and gets softer with washing. Cascade 220 Superwash yarn is a great choice for this baby project with 200 yards per skein at about $9.50 per. You can also check out Plymouth Yarn's Encore for a plethora of colors in machine-washable worsted weight yarn at about $6.00 per 200 yard, 100g skein or organic cotton worsted, another wise choice. The Four Points Baby Blanket from Purl Soho is knit with a US 11 needle, easy and quick free baby blanket pattern.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Knit and crochet gifts for owl lovers

In celebration of John James Audubon's birthday, French-American ornithologist, lithographer, and painter, famous for his naturalist study Birds of America - free patterns to knit and crochet gifts for owl lovers. If you are not a knitter you'll find links for amazing giftables, especially baby products with owl themes at Dwell Studio.  Pattern links included in this article are:
  • an owl hat with earflaps
  • little "hootie" baby booties
  • two gorgeous owlie sock patterns
  • And a bonus little snuggly amigurumi owlet to knit or crochet for baby shower gifts
  • plus owl mittens for children and adults

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick and easy baby knit and crochet sweater patterns

Easy, peasy knitting baby sweater patterns are great to have at hand for the baby shower gift that can be made in just a few nights. Nothing makes more of a hit than something handmade.
Infant and toddler cardigans and jumpers take no time at all, and this little baby cardigan knitting pattern has always been a favorite. The "ribbed knit baby jacket" is knit in one piece on a 5mm or US size 8 needle and only has the one buttonhole.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Knit and crochet tote bag patterns for summer

Crochet or knit your own beach and market bags for summer. Washable and ample, this crocheted grocery tote will handle all your summer travel and shopping bag needs and can be crocheted with recycled cotton yarn. This durable tote bag is worked with two strands of yarn throughout on a size G hook or 4 mm and requires 22 balls of  handicrafter cotton yarn.
The finished size is 12 ins [30.5 cm] wide x 15 ins [38 cm] high x 12 ins [30.5 cm] deep. The free pattern is written in English and French, free from Bernat and available to print out at the link below.

What's really cool at Bernat's site is the Color Clicker. Click on the rainbow button and see how the different colorway selections of specific yarn will work with the project you have in mind. Here's the crocheted market bag in Bernat's forest green handicrafter cotton.

If you want to knit a strong market bag for your groceries that easily converts to a beach bag or purse, try this easy knit bag pattern featured as the 'grrlfriend bag'. There are several possible designs for the handles and you can see photos here.

This knit tote can be made with recycled worsted cotton yarn. The example at the right was knit with two colors of DK on the bottom and two strands of DK in a single color for the main body of the bag. Find many colors of recycled cotton yarn at sale prices here.

If you are not a member of Ravelry, then use this pdf download link for the knitting pattern "grrlfriend market bag." It's an easy lace pattern that lets the sand out and can be knit in any size you wish. It starts with a square bottom knit on size 4 dpns, then graduates to US size 7 (4mm), and eventually worked on a size 10.5 circular  needle (6 mm). It's a really fun pattern to knit and use for all your marketing, travel and beach trips throughout the summer.

Bernat free crochet market tote bag download.
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