Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sideways cardigan patterns are fun and easy

Knitting side to side cardigans can be fun and allow for easy striping patterns in a finished sweater. Or crochet or knit the cardi sideways in a single main color yarn. Find adult and children's free pattern links below for side to side crocheting and knitting.

This little side to side knit baby jacket from Garn has been a favorite for years, one that is often used as a base for knitting designers to expand upon. It'll keep you busy for a while, knit with US1 (2.5mm) needles, but oh, what a delightful finish. Even has a bonnet and socks to match for infant, baby, and toddler sizes.

Don't be afraid of knitting the short rows to create the flair at the bottom, it's a simple technique to affect depth and width needed for instance for the girth of nappies in the seat of these Monster Butt Longies. Shortened rows are an easy knitting technique, not difficult to master at all, and Garn gives you explicit instructions in several different languages for knitting this sideways easy baby sweater pattern, with hat and socks to match.

This large stitch cardigan from Garn is one example of a quick and easy side to side sweater pattern using two threads on 20mm needles for sizes sm, med, lg, XL, and XXL. Garn provides ample diagrams and tutorial videos, but the sweater is worked all in stockinette stitch, so it's an easy pattern and suitable for all knitting proficiencies.

Coats and Clarks provides an easy crochet cardigan worked sideways on a USk-10.5 hook (6.5mm). The gauge is 11 sts = 4", so the sweater will work up fast and easy for sizes sm, med, and large.  Side to side crochet cardigan pattern link is a free pdf download and print out.

Don't miss this popular look-alike free pattern for Elizabeth Zimmermann's BSJ baby surprise sideways garter stitch baby jacket.

More sideways knits and crochet for children:

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