Friday, May 13, 2011

Kate's shopping shawl knitting pattern for real!

Kate's shawl: Princess Catherine, Her Royal Highness Kate's green ruffle shawl made so famous when she wore it shopping at the market. Now available by Wee Sandy.

Find free patterns for crochet and knit ruffle shawls 


  1. I've been through 4 screens so far looking for the "Free patter of Kate's Shawl" and still haven't found it. Is this all a come on for ads? Getting very frustrated!

    1. Sorry you had trouble anonymous, but the link is actually in the first paragraph, under "Wee Sandy," the pattern's designer. Happy knitting and thanks for reading. Come again, please.

    2. Thank you for showing my pattern. However, this has never been a free pattern. It took a great deal of effort and time to deconstruct and design. If you're still interested, here is the link:

    3. Thank you for reading Wee Sandy. Your pattern link has always been a part of the notice. However, there are free patterns for shawls noted also in a link. Please come back and visit.


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