Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dogs and cats on your needles

Amusing and loyal, just as man's best friend in real life, dog and cat patterns for oodles of different pedigrees of little stuffed animals. Amigurumi knitting patterns that appear so life-like, meows and yaps are expected to commence any second. Two creative UK designers have also remembered dog coat patterns and jackets, too, and not just for dogs!.

Best in Show for dogs or cats is a wonderful set of knitting pattern books for creating life-like amigurumi images of 25 different pedigrees: pug patterns, Jack Russells,  all sorts of would-be barking four-legged creatures and now cat patterns, knit patterns for 16 different breeds of felines. 

Sally Muir designed Best in Show Knit your own dog


And Joanna Osbourne has now added Best in Show Knit your own Cat

Muir and Osbourne teamed up to write Pet Heaven, the pet accessory Bible of sorts, which not only includes dog coats and dog jackets, but, in fact "Pet Heaven includes an extensive range of designs for almost every imaginable pet: hamsters, cats, horses, pigs, goldfish, budgies, dogs, tortoises and more." Some of these lovely pet knitting patterns are even easy enough for a ten year old knitter.

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