Saturday, October 15, 2011

No surprise that EZ's BSJ has a twin

It comes as no surprise that an industrious knitter has written a pattern that mimics Elizabeth Zimmermann's popular Baby Surprise Jacket baby sweater in garter stitch. This little knitting pattern is probably one of the most popular all time knitting patterns. Knit sideways, the free pattern for BSJ look-alike is available in sizes 1/3 - 6/9 - 12/18 months (2 - 3/4 - 5/6) years. Link below.

But there is something about Elizabeth Zimmermann and the creativity she encourages in her writings. Knitnscribble has never knit an EZ pattern per se, but has used her ideas and tips to create patterns. "The Opinionated Knitter" literally lives on my bedstand. Reading EZ and her magazine journal articles from the 50's is almost as relaxing and rewarding as knitting with needles and can't tell you how many times I've been lulled to sleep while reading the words of Elizabeth Zimmermann.

For young and old alike, advanced and beginner knitters, there is nothing better than "The Opinionated Knitter." Without even dusting or moving a thing...proof positive...
Find the latest Elizabeth Zimmermann collection of garter stitch patterns, misplaced until now, in "Knit One Knit All."

Garn Studio offers the look-alike BSJ pattern written for Drops "Delight" yarn, which you can print out in several languages. No yarn purchase necessary. For a crochet version of the BSJ look-alike, a free pattern link, read 'Knit and crochet sideways patterns.'

You will find EZ's original pattern selection at Schoolhouse Press. The Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) can be knit in baby, child or adult sizing.

The look-alike Baby Surprise Jacket free pattern is posted here at

You'll find another sideways knit baby cardigan pattern link here on knitnscribble.
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