Monday, March 5, 2012

Knit a uterus for Congress

Yesterday, knitnscribble was casually browsing Twitter, when a women's rights-concerned knitter spawned a great idea to protest the Republican Congress' continuous attempt at controlling women's bodies and their healthcare. With the Blunt Amendment, the all-male women's health panel, the push to defund Planned Parenthood, and then Rush Limbaugh's denigration of Sandra Fluke, it became apparent, man's deliberate control over women was mushrooming! Why not knit or crochet a woman's womb, vagina, or uterus and send it to your abject Congressmen, with a note "Get your prehistoric laws out of my V-JJ! Better yet, here’s one of your own!” She immediately received the vital support from several well-known members of the knitting community, even men! Crochet patterns and free knitting patterns were found for multiple women's body parts.
(c) M.K. Carroll, used with permission

For the whole story and information regarding free patterns for a woman's womb, uterus, and vagina and the newly formed Ravelry group, read more.

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