Friday, March 9, 2012

London Olympics yarnbombing 2012

picture by Richard Rayner/North News & Pictures
The Olympic yarnbombing on the Saltburn Pier in North Yorkshire, England this week is not only whimsical and celebratory of the London Olympics, but it also exhibits the goodwill that is indigenous to knitting and crochet artists. The knitted "scarf," as noted by British media, stretches fifty meters long, that's over 53 yards of detailed knitting of amigurumi Olympic athletes in motion and a true work of knitted graffiti art. Bravo! Yarnstorming in England.
Read "Winning patterns for 2012 Olympics" to get close up view of all the many characters in this incredible yarnbombing and learn where to find the athlete patterns for current and favorite Olympian athletes.

And the latest London Olympics 2012 controversy, involving knitters and crocheters, you won't believe!

courtesy Sharon Watterson, copyright Knitnscribble 2010

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