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Monster butt pants baby pattern

This amusing free pattern for Monster pants with mouth and teeth to cover diapers are knitted longies with face for toddler and baby pattern for girls and boys and such a great knitting project and gift for babies and toddlers. Perfect for either sex, depending on your choice of yarn colorways.
Monster butt pants
Hrönn Jónsdóttir fell in love with them when she saw these pants several years ago being knit by an Icelandic knitter at a knit-a-long in Iceland. She asked if there was a pattern, and the knitter who was knitting regular baby pants with mouth and teeth said she did not have one. So Hrönn created her own pattern, which she calls Das Monster Butt. Hrönn is a very talented and creative knitter born in Iceland and now living in Sola, Rogaland, Norway. These baby pants are very Scandinavian / European in design motif, as are all of Hrönn's knitting designs. Pattern follows.

Das Monster baby pants pattern for baby longies 

 A word about short row knitting, i.e., w&t: please watch the video below if short row knitting is new to you.

CO 108 sts on 3mm needles, join in the round and do a 2x2 ribbing (k2, p2) for 20 rounds.
Change to 3,5mm needles and knit one round, increasing 4 st evenly across the row = 112 stitches on the needles.
Continue in stockinette for another 20 rounds (or approx. 6,5 cm, measured from the beginning of the stockinette section).
Monster's mouth!
The beginning of the round is the center front of the longies.
K30 in your main color, then slip one stitch knit-wise before changing to your mouth color. Don't break off the main color, you'll get back to it later.
K50, w&t
Slip one purlwise, P44, w&t
K40, w&t
P35, w&t
K30, w&t
P27, w&t
K24, w&t
P21, w&t
K18, w&t
P15, w&t
K12, w&t
P9, w&t
K6, w&t
Purl the stitches until one stitch remains of the mouth color, picking up the wraps as you go and purling them together with the stitches, turn, but don't wrap!
Slip the first stitch purlwise, then knit until one stitch remains of the mouth color, picking up the wraps as you go and knitting them together with the stitches. Break off the mouth color and transfer the mouth colored stitches back to the left needle. The first stitch on the left needle is your last mouth colored one, and the first stitch on the right needle is the last main colored one (the one you slipped knit-wise before).
Close the gap short rows, knitting in the round. It's derived from what is called Japanese short rows -in case you want to look it up for better clarity- and it's pretty tricky to explain in writing. 
Now, with the right side facing you, bring your right needle to the wrong side of the work and pick up the horizontal strand of yarn that lies between the next two (mouth colored) stitches and place it on the left needle.
Slip the main colored stitch purl-wise to the left needle and knit it together with the new stitch, like you would a ssk.
Now, knit across the mouth colored stitches and pick up the last wrap (on the main colored stitch) and knit it together with the stitch.
Knit in stockinette until the piece measures approx. 15cm in the front (measured from the CO edge). Now it's time to do some increases:
Round A: K1, m1L, k until one stitch remains of the round, m1R, k1.
Round B: Knit all stitches.
Repeat rounds A and B eight more times =130 stitches on the needles. Knit around until 3 stitches remain of the round. Now place 6 stitches from the left needle on a piece of scrap yarn, place the next 59 stitches on another piece, and finally another 6. 59 stitches remain on the needle. Now you've split for the legs!
-You start with 59 stitches for each leg, and 6+6 stitches in the middle which you'll graft together later.
Rounds 1-4: k all stitches
Round 5: k1, k2tog, k until 3 sts remain, ssk, k1
Repeat rounds 1-5 3 more times (51 stitches remain), then knit without decreasing for 30 rounds, and then change to moss stitch for 20 rounds. –Of course, here you can make the legs longer/shorter/wider/narrower at will.
Put the 59 stitches from the scrap yarn on the needle and knit the other leg the same way.
Finish by grafting the stitches between the legs and with duplicate stitch, sew in the eyes and teeth of the monster. By all means, be creative!

Pattern and all photos with permission of knitting designer, Hrönn Jónsdóttir. Thank you, Hrönn.

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