Saturday, July 9, 2016

Very easy baby blanket knitting pattern

Try this quick baby gift, an easy baby blanket knitting pattern with worsted weight yarn. It makes a super shower gift, won't cost you much, its a free pattern, and won't take long at all, knit on US size 10.5 (6.5mm) or 11 needles.
Yours truly wrote it several years ago, shower gifts for twins, easy as can be, knits up like a charm. Knit with two strands of yarn, you'll need about two to three skeins of each color, depending on the yardage of the particular yarn. Or knit it up in one solid color.

Yarn choices:
Sugar and Cream, 710 yards per skein
Bernat Handicrafter, 608 yards, per skein
Caron One Pound Solids, very economical

1. With two strands, cast on 81 st, knit 6 rows in garter stitch (knit all rows). Next row: right side, K3 *K15, P15* twice, ending K18. Next row: Wrong side, K3, *P15, K15* twice, ending P15, K3. Continue with these two rows to form square blocks for 18 rows TOTAL block.

 2. Second block section, you will reverse the block pattern, keeping 3st garter stitch edge. First row: K3, *P15, K15* twice, ending P15, K3. Row 2: K3 *K15, P15* twice, ending K18. After knitting the 18 rows of this block, continue blanket with first block instructions, then second block again, until you have 7 sections of blocked pattern.

 3. Right side: Work 6 rows of garter stitch edging to complete. Bind off with stretchy cast off: purl two together, then place the stitch back on the lefthand needle and continue purling together, placing stitch back on the lefthand needle.

Happy knitting your quick and easy baby blanket.

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