Friday, July 1, 2016

Shawl knitting patterns to wear as a triangle scarf or cowl

Who knits in the summertime aside from yours truly? Some knit socks, many knit shawls
with lightweight gauge yarns, easily transportable, and a perfect way to get ahead on your holiday gift list. There are tons of free shawl patterns and many interesting ones for purchase. Shawls are so versatile and can be worn as cowls and scarves as well.

If you are new to triangle scarfs and shawl patterns, here is a step by step guide with free download by Megan Goodacre.

I'm just finishing up "On the Spice Market" by Melanie Berg and about to start "Sunwalker" pictured above in a sport weight yarn. Suggested pattern yarn is "Finito" by Malabrigo; I purchased at Fabulous Yarns in the "Aquas" colorway. Buying yarn online is tricky, so compare your chosen colorway for the truest color on different sites. Finito is pricey but worth every cent. Two hundred yards each skein, and FY discounts, so six skeins were $72.00 with shipping.

"A pebbly seed stitch forms the body, with a swath of lace arching across the lower section of the shawl, and finishing with a clean I-cord edge."

Knit Sunwalker with US 5 - 3.75 mm and US 7 - 4.5 mm needles. I prefer a circular needle, knitting back and forth, so stitches are easily kept in place. Here are some free shawl patterns, you might also want to consider. 

Magic Spring Shawl pattern, free from Katerina Bobkova
Bamboo Wedding Shawl pattern from Purl Soho
Oaklet Shawl pattern by Megan Goodacre
Mullion Cove Shawl knitting pattern by Sonja Bargielowska
Campside shawl pattern in DK yarn by Alicia Plummer
On the Spice Market shawl pattern
Sunwalker shawl knitting pattern

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