Saturday, July 2, 2016

Charity knitting or crochet for dementia Alzheimer's patients

Dementia and Alzheimer's patients are frequently agitated with fidgety, restless hands. Twiddlemuffs, both to crochet or knit, have been used to minimize that agitation and also provide brain stimulation. You'll find the twiddlemuff pattern links below.

Charity knitting groups can use these convenient patterns for crochet and knit twiddle muffs from yarn stash, which have bits and baubles both inside and out, and provide calming and warmth for active hands. If your charity knitting group is looking for another project, I am sure there are many nursing homes and hospitals which would welcome twiddlemuffs for their dementia patients.

Women patients are said to prefer bright pastel colors and men dark, warmer colors. Buttons, ribbons, pieces of fake fur, pom poms, and/or beads are securely sewn on the outside and the inside of the muffs. Mix in some of that novelty yarn we used on those fuzzy scarves several years ago. Something so simple to knit or crochet can provide hours of comfort. Twiddlemuffs can also be purchased ready-made for as much as $90. Here are some great images, ideas for you, when you start your twiddlemuff.

Twiddle muff crochet pattern
Twiddlemuff knitting pattern

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