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Remember veterans with crochet and knit poppy patterns

Crochet and knit poppies to remember our veterans. "The greatest casualty is being forgotten." The blood red poppy waved in the wind and was the first flower to bloom on the battlefields of Flanders in WWI. Remember our veterans with these poppy patterns links below. Red poppies are the symbol for Remembrance Day  worldwide and have become a symbol for remembering veterans on Memorial Day in the US. 

Crochet poppy pattern
Knit poppy pattern

Valentines Day hearts, every stitch says 'I love you'

copyright 2014,  S. Watterson/knitnscribble

Happy Valentine's Day all. Had quite a lot of fun knitting up this heart garland for my grandchildren's valentines. Using some old trims collected over the years and a few crochet stitches, think it might be a valentine keepsake for years to come. The pattern for the valentine heart is here in this post where you will find many quick heart patterns for both knitting and crochet which can be layered, sewn on Valentine's cards, used as appliques, or for a garland like this one I just sent off via UPS to my grandchildren. I used the smallest heart pattern of Elizabeth Murphy's freebie for a wine bottle tag.

copyright 2014, S. Watterson/knitnscribble

Oliver Fox cushion and other free toy patterns by Amanda Berry

Oliver Fox, knitting pattern by Amanda Berry
Lets Get Crafting Issue 52
Not being an avid toy pattern collector or cushion pattern knitter, you can imagine the angst felt yesterday when a Facebook reader of Knit and Crochet Patterns ask where to find Amanda Berry's Oliver Fox free knitting pattern as published in Let's Get Crafting Magazine Issue 52. Google was a first choice with no luck. Then reluctantly visited a busy knitting forum, which often trades free patterns back and forth, and as well, known for its lack of copyright decorum, and found that they were unable to locate the free animal knitting pattern either. Um, what to do?

courtesy Let's Get Crafting

Amanda Berry is a talented knitter of toys and amusing trendy home decor cushions. Her website "Fluff and Fuzz" and blog on Wordpress is proof of just that. She has had her lovely toy patterns published numerous times and sells all her animal knitting patterns very reasonably and quite successfully as Fluff and Fuzz on Etsy. So, a conversation was in order with Amanda Berry, who kindly sent the free pattern links for Oliver Fox, Peter Puppie, Ossie Owl, and a slew of others via the Let's Get Crafting web site.

courtesy Let's Get Crafting

Clicking on the download icons at Let's Get Crafting in turn sends one to Let's Knit Magazine site, which requires a sign in. Ossie Owl, Oliver Fox, and many of their friends are there. You'll be happy to receive all their mailings as discussed in a previous post about the chicken doorstop pattern.

Nutty Irishman gets last minute knitting nod

With Christmas gift holiday knitting nearly finished, the Nutty Irishman's 'Graham,' for men and women, an easy slouch hat pattern that fits children and adults, is the perfect free pattern to use for one nutty Irishman on the list. (There more than just a few!) Here's a photo from the designer's web site,

NIK 2011
There are more photos here. More than 2,000 knitters on Ravelry have knit this easy hat pattern, so I'm game. I am using Malabrigo worsted colorway 'Pearl Ten' and will probably add my usual no-itch lining, which knits up a sturdier and more comfortable hat for children and adults.

Nutty Irishman's 'Graham' free hat pattern link.

Christmas star knitting pattern

Mindlessly knitting the smaller eight-point star, it occurred to me that several of them strung together with a simple crochet chain for a garland would be the perfect decoration for our sitting room this Christmas. So I enlarged the star pattern that I wrote about before to knit a 5 1/2" star ornament and did just that, adding some large tassels to the ends. Made a few pom poms for the wreath and voila! The Christmas star ornament pattern is below. Hang them on your Christmas tree!

copyright 2013, S. Watterson/knitnscribble

Here's the new larger 8-point Christmas star ornament knitting pattern.

copyright 2013, S. Watterson/knitnscribble

Eight Point Christmas Star knitting pattern, 5.5" finished measurement

1 skein worsted weight yarn will make about 4 stars
US 7 (4.5 mm) dpn's (double pointed needles)
M1: pick up the link between two sts and place on left hand needle

CO 8 sts, leaving a 10" tail.
Rows 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 (WS): knit
Rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12: K1, M1 (knit in the back of  M1), K5, K2tog (8sts)
Row 14: BO, leaving the last stitch on your needle. Pick up 7 sts at the left edge of that stitch, using the purl bumps as a guide. (8 sts)
Remember, you are knitting 8 little diamonds to shape the star pattern. Repeat Rows 1-14, seven more times.

Happy Christmas all, hope it's the merriest ever.
Need a stylish and easy hat pattern for knitting quick Christmas gifts? I just discovered this free pattern by the Nutty Irishman.

(You are welcome to print this star pattern out, please do not copy and paste it to another site, use a link to this article instead, thank you.) Smaller star pattern is here.

copyright 2013, S. Watterson/knitnscribble

Knit and Crochet patterns even on Facebook

Check out knitnscribble's knitting and crochet Facebook page for knit and crochet pattern highlights, oddities, and freebies. You'll find goodies like this chicken doorstop free pattern link.

One hat pattern for the whole family

The "Toque Times Two" is a traditional hat pattern designed so that one knitting pattern accommodates thewhole family. It has a no-itch interlining, nice and soft, knit in cotton, and is complemented with a jaunty knitted braid and tassel. The unisex pattern is written for two sizes which will fit a child four years old to adult. Often worn as a ski hat, this worsted weight stocking hat pattern is knit for a sturdy hat that will last forever with proper care.

copyright 2014, S. Watterson/knitnscribble

Here are the four year old twins, who were the original models for this stocking hat pattern.
Finished child size is 19" unstretched. Adult hat is 21" unstretched.

copyright 2014, Aimee Carino-Stenson

This "Toque Times Two" hat knitting pattern is available on Ravelry, and at Wattery Totteries on Etsy. Why not have a go at it this weekend?

Check out knitnscribble's knitting patterns here, free patterns and those for sale.
copyright 2013, S. Watterson
Custom set creation.
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