Thursday, February 9, 2017

Easy free sock pattern

Last week, in my pledge to use up the yarn stash, I started knitting more socks using a favorite sock pattern and US 4 (3.5mm) dpns or two circulars, whatever is your pleasure. I use the smaller stitch count of 64 sts. to knit these.

I'm not a fast knitter, but watching the state of our world these days on television gets my dander up and makes me knit way faster than usual.

This is the "Simple Skyp" sock pattern by Adrienne Ku, it's free and easy, and offers just enough stitch pattern to keep it interesting. The sock pattern calls for a US 2 (2.75mm) needle, but buying sock yarn carefully can allow for a larger needle. There's a lot of play with different yarns and needle size, when using a pattern for socks and many other projects.

This week, I'm using two different colors of yarn, as I often do to mix up the heel and toe. My husband says, "Once you've worn hand knit socks, there's no going back."

this week's skyp socks

I bought this yarn a few years ago on sale for $10 a skein and plan to get two pair out of this purchase. Look a little like Easter eggs, don't they?

You can find out how to close the toe here.

Here's another free sock pattern on larger needles as well.

Link for Simple Skyp Sock pattern.

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