Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's a Magic Spring for Shawls!

On the Spice Market - Melanie Berg
Every season has its knitting pattern favorites. New patterns for shawls and baby sweaters are often posted and knitted in spring. And this year is no exception. Recently, I have been knitting a second "On the Spice Market" by Melanie Berg, which was all the rage last spring. I just finished her "Sunwalker" shawl pattern after many months of moving house, yarn stash and all. Katerina Bobkova's new "Magic Spring Shawl" is my next challenge, it's a free pattern, great for beginners and a terrific stash-buster.

Magic Spring Shawl pattern by Katerina Bobkova

The hardest part in planning a multi-colored shawl is choosing pleasing yarn colorways. I was able to find five skeins of Manos del Uruguay "Serena" on Etsy at a savings of $30, so I'm using this "bosenberry" colorway and two other yarns from the stash for the Magic Spring Shawl.

Serena for Magic Spring Shawl

Here's my new Spice Market:

The second time around for Spice Market was much easier than the first. Those little bobbles drove me crazy on the first one. This time, I decided to up the needle one size on Row 1 of Section 3, and switch back to the smaller working needle when you need to k3tog on the next row. Knitting the bobbles is much less fidgety using this method.

On the Spice Market shawl pattern link.

My Sunwalker, using six skeins of Malabrigo "Finito" in Aguas colorway.

Sunwalker shawl pattern link.

Wishing you a glorious Spring!  Magic Spring Shawl, free pattern link.

More shawl knitting patterns on

Magic Spring Shawl photos by Katerina Bobkova.

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