Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Shawls spring from scraps

Was just out on this snowy day and someone mentioned my scarf, and later realized I hadn't posted anything about knitting it. But it is my favorite shawl to wear this winter, one I knit last spring. Thought you may be interested, too, as it's an easy free pattern, one where I used scrap yarn from other knitted shawls and a pair of socks. Check it out.

The hardest part, I think, in knitting any color-block or multi-color piece is choosing the colorways of yarn. I had recently knit two different versions of Spice Market, so there were lots of bits and pieces left over from knitting a seven or eight color shawl such as Spice.

The multi bit is Fibre Company, purple is Manos Del Uruguay "Serena," and the chautreuse, spring green and black bit is leftover from a pair of socks knit with Schoppel Zauberball Starke 6.

I used a US 5 (3.5mm) circular needle, the pattern calls for US 6 and fingering yarn. The yarns I used were similar gauges, not exactly fingering yarn, but it worked, I think. If you use all fingering yarn and a US 6 (4mm) needle, then your finished shawl will be longer and lighter weight. Still mine is plenty long, 80 in. (204cm) abreast, and 16 in. (41cm) to the point.

 The link for the free shawl pattern "Magic Spring Shawl" by Katerina Bobkova is here, along with more shawl pattern suggestions. Thank you for reading.

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