Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fibers for Fido needs knitters and crocheters for animals of all shapes and sizes

Animal shelters and sanctuaries provide the basics for rescue dogs, cats, and their feathered friends in need of medical care, food, and water, but Fibers for Fido seeks knitters and crocheters, and corporate ready-made providers of sweaters, jackets, toys, and blankets, and nests, yes, nests for all rescued animals and birds.
Macie in donated jacket
Fibers for Fido, created and managed by Pennsylvanian, Maggie Franz, is a charity project for animal shelters, asking for corporate donations and partnerships, and if you have time, knitted or crocheted goodies for all sorts of animals. Maggie seeks to source donations for the shelters while they "focus on providing the highest level of care."

Maggie also knits mittens in all sizes and donates the proceeds to Fibers for Fido, which partners with several Pennsylvania area animal shelters and sanctuaries. On her site you'll find patterns for bird's nests for orphaned or injured birds and also a colorblock dog sweater to knit. And here are pattern links for knit and crochet chicken sweater patterns.

Fibers for Fido seeks partnerships, volunteers, sponsorships, and donations. Can you help?
Don't have time to knit? Donate yarn, fabric, t-shirts, dog and cat beds, treats and toys, etc. Let's get ahead of next winter's animal rescue needs.

"Be the change...."    Mahatma Ghandi.

Cheez-it wearing donation from

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