Friday, March 2, 2018

Knitting Windbreaker in a Nor'Easter

Lone Kjeldsen's Windbreaker
Sitting here listening to this Nor'easter - the wind, rain, and snow battering the trees and the gate banging in rhythm, the reality of knitting Lone Kjeldsen's "Windbreaker" pattern became quite clear. It's a wonderful design for layering in the fall, when my granddaughter goes off to college.

I chose Tahki's Donegal Tweed, Irish spun in Dublin, which harkens more memories still. In my younger days, Irish yarn was the choice of natural fiber yarn snobs, especially here in the Northeast. While "Windbreaker" doesn't have any cables or bobbles worn on St. Patrick's Day, it does have stars.

The Donegal Tweed is pricey, but worth it with its thick and thin natural texture and lovely earthy scent. Priced at my local LYS at $16.50 per 100g skein, 183 yds (167 m), I purchased 8.

The original design choice used Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool and less pricey at 348 yds per. There are actually many sources for Aran weight yarn, including the Tahki Donegal Tweed, at much lower prices. Bartlett Yarns in Maine, USA, is another great source for Fishermen's yarn, 210 yds at $9.95 and what I have used many times to knit this Irish teapot cosy.

Vintage Irish tea pot cosy cozy knitting pattern

 But when I can, I prefer to hold the yarn in my hand before purchasing. Support your local LYS.

Windbreaker is a bottom-up design, knit in-the-round on a US 8 (5mm) circular. The pattern calls for the deep raglan sleeves to be knit on dpn's, but the stitches for the medium size easily work on a 16" circular. My advice to you, should you decide to knit Windbreaker, is to loosen up on all the rounds without the star stitch, which will ease the wear and tear on your fingers.

The "Windbreaker" sweater knitting pattern is available on Ravelry in English and Danish for approximately $6.42.  Hoping this one will be a keepsake. Happy knitting! And Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Knitnscribble's "Windbreaker" finished March 19, 2018.

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