Tuesday, November 14, 2017

That's the "Spirit" a new hat pattern

When knitting a new original hat, the goal is that several
other knitters will like the way it looks and feels as much as I do. The hat pattern should be interesting to knit, not in the least bit boring. This time I wanted it to be a warm beanie, cozy around the ears, yet loose and comfortable around the crown. This hat pattern uniquely meets those requirements. So, I decided to write up this new pattern and called it "Spirit."

I named it "Spirit" because I wanted to include stranded colorwork with interesting stitch patterns, but found out that Malabrigo's variegated worsted and solid yarn works just as well with the various cable and braid patterns. So, it's really however the spirit moves you, choosing to use multi color yarns or not, it's up to the knitter.

This new pattern isn't a boring knit, in fact, the beanie may have some new techniques you might not have used before if you are a beginner. But, in any case, the hat pattern "Spirit" will definitely keep you on your toes and interested.

"Spirit" is posted for sale on Ravelry, and is posted on Loveknitting.com, and Etsy. Six pages of coziness, I hope you will enjoy knitting it. It is truly the most comfortable hat I have ever worn.

(Reliable sources for both real and faux fur pom poms included.)

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