Friday, September 9, 2016

New urban knits for fall 2016

New knitting patterns for fall 2016 abound in Kyle Kunnecke's new Urban Knit Collection, which includes timeless classic designs for cardigans, pullovers, and accessories for both men and women.

This 160-page hard paper knitting book was inspired by Kyle's observation that key motifs of construction, used in 20th century architecture can be applied just like the main elements used in building a knitting pattern. "Big city style meets classic design" for modern knitters.

Kyle has written eighteen beautiful patterns ignoring the labels of 'beginner, intermediate... .'

 "When we take away the labels ... reserving each specifically for beginning, intermediate, or advanced knitters, we may realize that the instructions speak for themselves -- and directly to the knitter. If you have the skills that are specified for a particular project, then you're ready to cast on. If you don't, then you know what skills you need to learn to make that garment." I like the way he thinks.

Pictured in the header is the lacework back of Kyle's "Rosema Wrap," knit with worsted yarn on a US7 (4.5mm) circular needle; the body is worked side to side, in one piece. Here's the front.

 And the sleeves are picked up from the body and worked down.

Urban Knit includes knitting patterns for cowls, hats, and scarves and mitts, both in interesting stitch patterns, colorblock designs, and several lovely Fair Isle patterns. 

If you are new to knitting, Urban Knit expertly guides you through a diverse journey, with Fair Isle tutorials, yarn sources, short row instructions, charts, and technique definition. If you are a longtime knitter, you will cherish this knitting pattern collection for years to come.

Photos from Urban Knit Collection published by Interweave at Check out the other beauties in this pattern book.

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