Monday, April 4, 2016

One skein Reyna - a shawl for all occasions

Reyna by MeenaWeena
The "Reyna" shawl knitting pattern was designed to finish with one skein of sock or fingering yarn, specifically a variegated yarn. But knit this large triangle in black or glitter yarn and voila! an evening shawl for the whole year through and a real option for Mother's Day gifts, birthdays, etc.

It's an easy, free pattern, one you'll want to download now; patterns don't always remain gratis, as the Holden Shawlette, which is now available for purchase but also includes three different sizes.

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Designed by Noora Laivola, Reyna is rated easy and the amount of openwork can be adjusted if you choose. The stitch pattern is a simple yarn over and k2tog. Many knitters have finished this wrap with a picot edge, it's really up to individual taste.

The finished shawl pictured in the header is by MeenaWeena of Chicago, a youtube self-taught knitter. Bravo!

Artyarns Mohair Glitter

Try this shawl pattern in a black or glitter yarn for a dressier look. Artyarns has all that glitters.

How beautiful for Mother's Day! There are a kazillion colors.

And if you are not a knitter, one skein of sock or fingering yarn is a perfect Mother's Day gift. The Reyna shawl pattern requires 380-420 yards (347-384m) of yarn.
Here's the pattern link.

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  1. Do you happen to know the yarn color used by MeenaWeena?


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