Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Triangulate cowl is hot new knitting pattern

Bristol Ivy posted the news of her new cowl pattern on Twitter this morning. And it's a winner! The knitting designer has cleverly knit away the dangling ends of the shawl in organic worsted yarn, 'Pioneer,' produced by A Verb for Keeping Warm, a fiber arts store and natural dye studio, in Oakland, California. It's part of the California Wool Project, a collaboration with Sally Fox, who owns a merino sheep farm in Yolo County. The "Triangulate Cowl" knitting pattern is knit on US 8 needles and requires 320 yards or 2 skeins.

photo courtesy Bristol Ivy/
Longer and more luxurious than another recent triangular cowl design, which comes to mind, this cowl pattern sells for $5.00 on Ravelry. Purchase it now and get started on your Christmas knitting gift list. Knitnscribble is planning several already.

photo courtesy Bristol Ivy/

American yarn, 'Pioneer,' from A Verb for Keeping Warm yarn, and the California Wool Project.

photo courtesy kristine vejar/

Stephen West of Westknits used Pioneer for his new 'Iberian Discovery', a really versatile unisex shawl, wrap, scarf pattern posted in June of this year.

photo courtesy westknits

Arched semi-circle shape

photo courtesy westknits

Beautifully textured

photo courtesy westknits

"There are three fun welts to work along with garter stitch short rows, knit purl texture and a picot bind off. The final shape is luxuriously long, ideal for dramatically tossing one end over the shoulder or wrapping round and round scarf-style." 

Huelo Dunn at Verb writes, "We'll have more Pioneer in the fall!"

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