Monday, April 18, 2011

Easy shawl pattern inspired by "Bones"

During the recent Great Rhody Yarn Crawl, I had a chance to meet Dr. Camille Saroyan of the "Bones" FOX television series up close and personal. Well, not exactly the person, but the free shawl knitting pattern and finished project, inspired by tv's "Bones" and the doctor, and it is glorious! Saroyan is a very popular free pattern on Ravelry, queued some 4900+ times, not new, but definitely worth a repeat. The pattern sports an easy lace leaf design at the edge, and like Dr. Saroyan, is a graceful, sophisticated addition to anyone's wardrobe, which can also be worn as a cowl. Available in several different languages, the pattern is a free download. Here, you see it in knitter knitkristy's photo.

Saroyan is part of series knitting designer Liz Abinante has written called "Traveling Woman", and one of several knitting patterns following "Temperance", a "Bones" sock pattern and "Traveling Woman", the shawl, available as a paid or free version. Liz explains on her blog that Camille's shawl can be knitted with any weight yarn.  She says: "I try to design each pattern with multiple options so knitters can use a different yarn, gauge, or needle to create the project of their dreams." The entire series is available for purchase or sold separately, Saroyan is free.You can read more about the series here.

On Ravelry, download Saroyan here. Or go to Liz's blog site for Saroyan and her further blogs, explaining her design and the other patterns in the "Bones" inspired series. Click here for Turkish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German pattern translations of the free shawl pattern Saroyan. Liz Abinante monitors her site frequently and responds to questions on a regular basis.

Seen in green is annielight's "April Saroyan".

Another free and easy shawl pattern.

Cowls and scarves free knitting and crochet patterns. 

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