Friday, June 24, 2011

Free top down patterns for all seasons

A favorite design technique of many knitters is top-down, when the knitting cast on stitches are started at the yoke of the sweater and knitted with raglan sleeves. Seaming up is easy, as there is almost none whatsoever. Therein lies the beauty of top down patterns. There are several free choices here.

Knitnscribble recently found expert knitting designer, Naganasu from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, who knits beautifully and predominantly from the top-down with raglan sleeves. Her top-down knitting patterns are gorgeous, written in English and Japanese, available in Naganasu's native Japanese on her blogsite. You'll find these lovely top-down patterns in English on Ravelry. This easy, top down gilet, sweater or vest can be worn many different ways as you can see here.

This top down toddler garter stitch sweater vest is among the free patterns offered by Naganasu and can be enlarged upon for an adult top down sweater vest seen below, knitted by azzuknits. Very versatile, can be worn all year long and the top down vest knit from the yoke is a free pattern.

Naganasu's photos used with permission. Find all of her patterns here.

Top down free shrug pattern, so cute, Sm - 3X

Another easy top down free knitting pattern.

February Lady top-down free knitting pattern

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Audrey jewelry to knit, crochet or bead

The chunky bracelets, necklaces, and cuffs, baubles Audrey Hepburn, the beloved film star, made so famous and wore so well in all her movies and stage productions seems to ever play on in the fashion world. Wouldn't Audrey be surprised how her classic style has endured? Jewellery, no matter how you spell it - big bead necklaces, bangles, and cuff bracelets to knit, bead, and crochet quickly for yourself or resale are a great way to accessorize your year round look and/or fatten your wallet. Free jewelry patterns for easy knitting or crochet, using stash yarn are a thrifty way to get started making holiday or birthday gifts you can stow away until you need that special handmade 'ice.'

This beaded cuff pattern, a real beauty at left, is offered on Etsy by 1beadweaver using the square stitch in a pdf pattern for $2.50. There are also many free Audrey-like jewelry pattern links here in this posting you might want to bookmark.

Lion Brand has a particularly smart and trendy bobble bangle, knit with US 4 and 6 needles (3.5, 4.25 mm) and a small amount of yarn stretched over a ready-made wooden or plastic cuff form you can purchase at Michael's or any local craft supply store.

To make the bobble, knit a series of sts all in the same stitch, turn and knit again, then turn and purl and so forth. Here's how LB instructs: Make Bobble "(K1, yarn over, k1) all in next st; turn and k3; turn and p3; turn and k3, turn and k3 together - Bobble made." You'll find the free knit bracelet pattern link below.

Here's another free pattern for a knit necklace, which could easily work for a color block bracelet, too, with smaller wooden beads, recently seen in Vogue Magazine for over $100. With a few contrasting beads of different shapes and clarity, voila! The free summer necklace pattern is here.

Jude Butterworth offers some glorious crochet jewelry at her Etsy shop. Jude's beautiful work has been exhibited in art galleries and much of it is done in free form crochet, but she does offer this Tunisian crochet beaded bracelet pattern. Jude allows you to resell jewelry made with her patterns as long as the pattern is attributed as her work.

Rosemary Hill of designs by Romi has designed knitted and crocheted jewellery and included 26 designs in her pattern book Elements of Style. Rosemary gives you complete instructions for quantity and size of beads to create lovely works of art like this beaded cuff of her design, a free pattern on Knitty. Free pattern link below.

Beth Todd offers her knitted stretchy bracelet pattern on Etsy for $3.50 and allows resale of items with design attribution. Beth says this bracelet pattern is a great way to use up stash sock yarn. You'll find BethToddCreates here

1beadweaver has several pdf patterns for beaded jewellery, mostly bracelets necklaces, for sale at minimal prices. She offers the Peyote stitch US flag motif bracelet in a pdf for $1.60 or the whole kit and kaboodle, that's beads, star button, and instructions for $29.00. Just think what a hit this flag bracelet would be on the 4th of July or any patriotic holiday like today, June 14th, Flag Day!

Beaded crochet jewellery box by Julianne Eisel

Lion Brand Bobble Bracelet cuff pattern
DesignsbyRomi free beaded cuff pattern
Another friendly source for free jewelry patterns is Domestic-DivaOnline, who sews, glues, paints, airbrushes, you name it, Diva does it and gives advice freely and concisely. You'll find several free jewelry patterns with well-written and photographed instructions at
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knit one cute hat in brioche stitch

This past winter, knitnscribble wrote an article about the fantastic Baby Brioche cardigan knitting pattern by Jen Hurley. Having never knitted with the brioche stitch, was intrigued by the lofty result of the fabric, so decided to try it in an easy short cowl knitting pattern and was pleasantly surprised by the rhythm of the stitch and calming aesthetic while knitting brioche. offers very helpful instruction. The free pattern link below for the Brioche Hood cloche hat pictured here illustrates the stitch definition of this soothing exercise.

You can see the brioche stitch cowl in the header of this blog; it's the multicolor green one on the bottom.

This darling hat is knit from side to side on US size 6-7 (4-4.5mm) needles, depending on your yarn gauge and uses worsted or two strands of fingering yarn held together.

The Brioche stitch begins with an even number of stitches and one set up row, then multiples of just one row  as in this hat: k1 "yo, sl1(pwise), k2tog (next stitch with the yo from previous row)" (repeat "---") slipping the last stitch to make a nice crisp finished edge. The hat requires a short row approach for the top decreases. For more hat patterns, check out this previous knitnscribble post.

Exploring the fabrics that can be made with simple knitting stitches is another aspect of the craft, which only enhances the beautiful world of knitting.If you love knitting brioche, this chunky Honeycomb Brioche cowl pattern is for you and knits a lovely quick gift.

For a short cowl knitting pattern using the brioche stitch, try this easy recipe, using a nice soft chunky yarn like Misti Alpaca. You'll need 1.5 skeins. CO 36 sts on a US size 13 (9mm) needle, using long tail CO or "continental" method.

Row 1(set-up row): K2, *yo,sl1, K1, repeat from* to last two stitches, K1, sl1.
Row 2: K2, *yo, Sl1, K2tog,repeat from* to last two sts, K1, Sl1.
Continue with Row 2 only for 22 inches. Finished width before blocking is about 14 inches.
BO with a very loose stitch: sl1, K1, psso, *P1, K2tog, pass P1 over K2tog decrease and repeat* to last 2 sts and BO. Block, then use the blanket stitch to sew the ends together for completed cowl.

The Brioche Hood cloche hat pattern is written by Valdis Vrang and is available free on Ravelry.

You will find the Baby Brioche Cardigan Sweater knit from the top down here. It's a free pattern link.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easy hat patterns with photos!

Mandy Powers photo used with permission
Lots of free hat patterns links in this post: Newsboy hat pattern, Sesame Street, heart hat, Pokemon, sock monkey, NY Giants, fish hat, Harry Potter hats, Hermione and the gang - all to knit and crochet. But here's a great way to design your own hat pattern, too.
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