Monday, May 30, 2011

Cape patterns for year round wear

Virkuing "Pelerin"
Fall knitting and crochet hottest fashion styles are showing capes, capelets, and ponchos again this year. Knitting and crochet magazine covers and articles are filled with big, bold shoulder wraps, and turtleneck ponchos (ponchos with cowls).

You can bet that celebrities will be donning these practical accessories, sometimes called a "mobius" or cowl soon. Find several free crochet and knit cape and poncho pattern links with pictures posted below.

One that caught knitnscribble's eye this morning is from a Swedish designer and newly posted to Ravelry. You can also find the free crochet shawlette pattern on the designer's blog in a plethora of languages, where she has installed the Google Translate widget. Crocheted from the top down in the round, this pattern has a lovely open-work lace crocheted trim to finish it off. Virkuing calls her design "Pelerin."

Vogue is reintroducing the short poncho from a few years ago, featured solely in their Vogue Knitting On the Go! Ponchos. Discounted now, this pattern book contains 20 scrumptious patterns to knit and to crochet.

Drops two strand cabled short poncho
Drops offers a free short poncho pattern at Garn Studio knit with two strands of kid mohair defined by two cable motifs up the middle. Quick and easy, it's knit from the top down, using a US 10 ( 6.5mm) circular needle.

For a ravenous supply of 24 lovely wrap patterns by Pam Allen, one of New England's premier knitting designers, try her Wrap Style.

Woolen Treasures crocheted capelet

One of knitnscribble's favorite cape or short poncho patterns discovered was this free crocheted capelet pattern on Ravelry, published long ago, but still available in Woolen Treasures archived patterns. This one by Lisa Johnson.
The beauty of these projects lies in their versatile use and small amounts of yarn required to create a lovely capelet, which can be worn everyday with jeans or to dress up that perfect party dress.

Rowan Crochet Poncho

Rowan also has a gorgeous crocheted poncho in their new summer all crochet magazine pattern book.

You can also combine a cowl with a cape for extra warmth in this free capelet knitting pattern from Paton's available on Ravelry, a virtual turtleneck cape.

You'll find more free pattern links with pictures for capes and cowls, poncho patterns, too: Celebrity style capes and cowls, ponchos
Free pattern links:
Pelerin by Virkuing free pattern crochet capelet
Garn Studio Drops 2-strand cabled short poncho free knitting pattern
Woolen Treasures crocheted cape shawlette free pattern, great for summer, too!
Paton's cable cowl capelet free knitting pattern

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free cardi pattern all sizes many tongues

You need not be a February baby to knit this "big girl" cardigan February lady sweater. A free top-down knitting pattern, popular, because it's written in a plethora of languages and the size range is extra small to plus size 52 inches and  "lovingly based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s classic 'Baby Sweater on Two Needles,' from Knitter’s Almanac", according to its designer Pamela Wynne,  "a swingy lace cardigan, made to fit a grown-ass woman." (Photo above by Kristi from Fort Collins, CO, fiberfool on Ravelry.)

This knitting project is knit with worsted yarn on US size 8 (5mm) circular needle and is a free download, available in Danish, French, Italian, Icelandic, Mandarin, Swedish, Spanish, and English. Wynne has provided ample knitting help links, should you need assistance with the buttonholes or knitting from the yoke down for the first time.

The pretty red "Lady Sweater" is by fiberitis on Ravelry. Just love the colorway!

                                                                             It's the perfect cardigan for the cool fall days just before that new baby comes along and is shown here by Bridgid of Pasadena, CA.

Find the free pattern download link for personal use only on Ravelry.

Another option is young Scottish knitting phenom, Ysolda Teague's, new book, Little Red in the City, with size range in patterns from 28 in to 60 in. There are literally 15-17 sizes included for each pattern. 

Wow, thank you Ysolda!

Check out Little Red in the City.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Irresistible baby sweaters

Quince and Co., New England yarn and spinning company, has just published two baby sweater knitting patterns that are "TDF." Designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge, the little contemporary feather and fan jumper,  "Camilla Babe", a pullover, is just precious, knit with Q&C "lark" yarn on a size 7 (4.5mm) needle. The size range is generous and includes infant  to toddler, 19 (201⁄2, 231⁄4, 243⁄4).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free baby hat and blanket from KnitCircus Summer

Knitters and crocheters always eagerly anticipate the seasonal changes of their craft. New patterns and yarns are introduced, along with exceptional sources for new projects. KnitCircus is one such magazine where you will find innovative fresh designs and contemporary ideas. This baby hat free pattern and matching blanket will knit the sweetest baby gift at your next shower. The baby blanket pattern is by Katherine Vaughan and knit with two colors in reverse stockinette stitch on size 8 (5mm) circular needles with a gauge of 14 sts = 4 in.. The baby cap can be made up in preemie, newborn, or 3-6 months sizes. The blanket is so cute and lively, knit it up in any color yarn combination to suit.

Have a look at the summer issue of KnitCircus 2011,
You'll find the Hopkins hat and blanket free pattern here.

Photos in this post are by KnitCircus.

You might also be interested in these free baby hat patterns and baby blanket patterns to knit or crochet, links at Knitnscribble

Baby hats, plain and simple

Easy baby blankets to knit or crochet

Find more free baby blanket patterns here. Another knitting pattern for a quick and easy baby blanket here and a gorgeous free crochet baby blanket pattern here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kate's shopping shawl knitting pattern for real!

Kate's shawl: Princess Catherine, Her Royal Highness Kate's green ruffle shawl made so famous when she wore it shopping at the market. Now available by Wee Sandy.

Find free patterns for crochet and knit ruffle shawls 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beginner spinning

Along with the renaissance of knitting and crochet, the basic art of spinning yarn has made a comeback as well. Many knitters and weavers spin their own fiber to obtain unusual blends of hair and wool that are not available commercially in the everyday yarn shop. Evidence of this time-honored important skill can be seen on handmade vendor sites selling indie hand-dyed and spinners exotic yarns and rovings around the Web and also locally at craft and fiber fairs and festivals. Summer is high season to get first-hand knowledge of hand-spinning at the many wool and fiber festivals scheduled in most every state in America, many in New England.

Like any renewal of an artisan craft, new handspinners are employing new techniques like adding beads and novelty elements, not found in traditional yarns. This method of self-sufficiency is not only very economical, but  also, spinning has been known to be meditative as well.  Basic knowledge is needed for integrating the shorter hair of alpaca and angora rabbit with the longer fibers with mohair, for instance. This technique strengthens the yarn, as does the amount of twist used in the spinning of shorter fibers. You might also enjoy the addictive art of coiling.

Click here for Wool and Fiber Festivals calendar in New England and elsewhere in the United States.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Princess Kate's shawl knitting pattern

Her Royal Highness, Princess Catherine is already making news in the knitting fashion world with "HRH Kate's ruffled shawl" she wore in her recent market shopping trip soon after the royal wedding. Wee Sandy on Ravelry has posted the popular triangle shawl pattern with chevron design and ruffles all around. A ruffle shawl can also be used as a ruffle scarf. Tested and ready to go, please find the link below for Kate's Shopping Shawl.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soakers, sleeper sacks, and owls

Baby diaper covers are back in fashion and are called soakers. Because wool stays warm when it gets wet, breathes, and takes water away from the body, nappy covers are made with pure wool. They are knit or crocheted with two strands, or one thick, bulky weight yarn, naturally for absorbance. This crocheted all night soaker by Julie West is made with two strands of Lion's Brand Fisherman's yarn or any wool yarn with a gauge of approximately 4 cm =15 st. and is available in a range of sizes, newborn to extra large.

The knitted soaker pattern to the right fits 6-18 months and is knit with US 5 (3.75mm) straight needles; the cast on is done with US 3 (3.25mm). The pattern is free by just jussi from New Zealand. You'll find the pattern link below.

The cutest newborn baby item I've seen lately is this little owlie sack, or baby papoose, never meant to leave baby unattended while sleeping, but cuddly and warm in a baby seat or in your arms. It's knit with worsted yarn with a gauge of 5 st per inch on a US 7 (4.5mm) needle. This little blue one is by Tamara and the design seen below is from Comfort Wool. For a matching infant hat pattern, you can try this baby owlet hat pattern I have on Etsy, or by the time you finish the sleeper sack, you'll probably be able to design your own.

Knitted baby soaker free pattern.

Baby owlie sleeper sack pattern.

Crochet baby soaker diaper cover

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